Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Schüssler Cell Salts and Homeopathy is a service offered by Laleh Ameri. Our site’s URL is:

Personal data collected through order forms

When you order a Schüssler Cell Salts or a Homeopathy Session on this site; the data entered in the order form; are collected. Your IP address can also be among the data sent. For the purpose of the session, we collect your personal data about the health issues; you need help with. We store your data in our files for 6 months. This also includes the recording of your Schüssler Cell Salts session done remotely.


When you order a Schüssler Cell Salts session; you must provide 3 photos of yourself – one of each profile. We will store these pictures together with your other personal data for six months. 

How long your data is stored in our system?

We store all the data you provide when ordering a session as well as the 3 photos required for your Facial Analysis; for six months. After this period, we delete all your personal data from your files.