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Homeopathic Complexes can help you restore your Physical and Mental Health.

Health problems affecting the gut and the digestive system; have an emotional and psychological impact. As a therapist, I have seen their negative influence on the psyche. The gut houses what we call the body brain because it is associated with the reptilian brain. Thus any imbalance and disease affecting its flora has consequences; on our psychological resilience and well-being.
This is why I became interested in homeopathy and Schüssler’s Cell Salts Therapy. To add these techniques to my toolbox; I studied homeopathy and also became a health coach.

If you’re reading this, you may be paying close attention to your body’s many needs and also eating healthy. But if you have cellular deficiencies you will not have the ability to absorb; all the vitamins and minerals from your food and supplements. They will then be useless and a large part of them will be excreted; without any benefit for your body.
Any damage to your gut will affect how you digest and assimilate your food. It also causes intolerances or allergies which are unfortunately so widespread these days. Besides that, your general constitution based on your heredity; will also determine your specific sensitivities and weaknesses.

According to the theory of Miasms in homeopathy; ancestral weaknesses and diseases are transmitted to the next generations. One of the strengths of homeopathy is specific remedies or Homeopathic Complexes. They are designed to balance and harmonize your overall constitution. They also  help minimize the impact of genetic influences.

I use specific combinations of remedies in my online Homeopathy sessions. They will allow you to gently:

  1. Eliminate imbalances;
  2. Strengthen your constitution;
  3. Restore your natural life force;
  4. Cure damages and diseases of the intestinal flora with a set of remedies with proven effectiveness (called nosodes).