About Laleh Ameri

Laleh Ameri

About Laleh Ameri

With a M.S. in Science, Laleh Ameri has worked as a consultant on research projects. Her interest in health both emotional and physical pushed her to follow several trainings. This was also in order to find a cure the food intolerances she had developed; after being a vegetarian for many years. Among them, we can name:

  1. Bioenergy;
  2. Ayurveda and the Unani Medicine;
  3. Quantum Techniques by Dr Daniel;
  4. Health Coaching with Dr Berg;
  5. Specific Homeopathic Complexes;
  6. Schüssler Cell Salts.

She used all of these techniques to heal herself and restore health and balance to her digestive system. Therefore the consultations and the health advices Laleh Ameri offers; combine all of these approaches. For her, it is important to know your constitution to determine the type of diet best suited for you.

For this, she considers the constitution both in traditional Greek medicine (Unani), Ayurveda and the body type approach. The latter involves finding the endocrine gland that plays a dominant role in the body; whose imbalances are often the cause of health problems. This is the body type approach which provides valuable information about the ‘Diet that is Right’ for you.

The heart of the therapy however consists of Homeopathy and Schüssler Cell Salts. The use of specific homeopathic complexes and Tissue Salts; allowed her to have an effective tool to better assist those who suffer.