Schüssler Cell Salts

My many years of experience as a therapist have demonstrated; the undeniable link between psychological and physical problems. In these cases there is always an imbalance of the digestive system which is also present. The intestines house what we call the ‘body brain’. Any imbalance in their flora and any possible disease; affect our psychological resilience and well-being. Homeopathic remedies and in particular Schüssler Cell Salts can act effectively for curing these problems.

Les Sels de Schüssler

That is why I studied homeopathy and health coaching; to add these techniques to my existing toolbox. Whether you are in good health or not; the therapy with Schüssler Cell Salts IS for you. It will help you preserve your health capital or improve your state of health and restore your well-being.

As a health advisor and homeopath; I can help you optimize your physical, emotional and mental health. This is achieved by identifying and treating deficiencies in Biochemical Mineral Salts also called Schüssler Cell Salts (or Tissue Salts). These biochemical mineral deficiencies are the underlying causes of your symptoms.

Schüssler Cell Salts sessions are done remotely. They are recorded simultationously in mp3 format.
You will receive a link to download this audio recording of your session; that lasts approximately 20 minutes. During the session, I will perform a facial analysis based on the photos; you have provided of your face. Mineral difficiencies are indeed visible on your face and detected through facial analysis.