Schüssler Cell Salts & Homeopathy

Even if you pay attention to the many needs of your body; if there are any imbalances in different systems; you will not be able to absorb all the vitamins and minerals from your diet. Schüssler Cell Salts & Homeopathy services offered by Laleh Ameri are designed to help you resolve this problem.Schüssler Cell Salts & Homeopathy with Laleh AmeriAny imbalance in your digestive system or damage to your gut flora will affect how you assimilate your food. The digestion is symbolically called the ‘Fire’ element in the body in traditional medicines like Ayurveda as well as Greek Medicine (also called Unani).  This can cause intolerances or allergies among other health issues; which are unfortunately so widespread nowadays.
In addition, your general constitution based on your heredity also determines your specific sensitivities and weaknesses.

Ancestral weaknesses and diseases are transmitted by what we call “Miasms” in homeopathy. For a very long time, homeopaths have advised the periodic use of certain homeopathic remedies; to help keep their patient’s constitution in order.
One of the great achievements of homeopathy are the specific remedy complexes. Their purpose is to balance and harmonize your overall constitution. This can minimize the impact of genetic influences or inherited Miasms.

Laleh Ameri combines several approaches such as:

  1. Schüssler Cell Salts (or Tissue Salts);
  2. Specific Homeopathic Complexes;
  3. The Unani Medicine;
  4. The concept of Body Types.

She therefore uses several tools to gently eliminate imbalances. Her Schüssler Cell Salts & Homeopathy services are designed to strengthen your constitution and restores your natural life force.