Schussler Cell Salts Session Order Form

Schüssler Cell Salts Session

Schüssler Cell Salts Session – 20min – 50$

You must complete the Schüssler Cell Salts session’s order form below; before ordering a remote session. The session is recorded in mp3 format. It will contain your facial analysis and the recommended Schüssler Cell Salts; as well as their dilution and dose. You will also receive the list of the suggested Cell Salts by email. You will have the suggested dilutions and doses in order to order them at your local pharmacy.

I need general information about your and a description of your physical problems and symptoms. This allows me to better select the Schüssler Cell Salts that match your condition; and describe the link between your symptoms and the specific deficiencies you have.

I therefore wish to have as much information as possible to help me determine the dilutions and doses that you require.

Deficiencies in Schüssler Cell Salts are clairely visible on your face.

This is why apart from your specific symptoms, I also rely on the facial analysis that I will do of your photos. You must send 3 photos of your face taken up close, one from each profile and one from the front. The photos must be of very good quality. You can take them with your mobile phone if it has a good quality camera by choosing the Auto portrait function.

Please send your 3 photos to me by clicking on this link.

In the Schüssler Cell Salts Session Order Form below; you must provide:

  1. A detailed description of all your symptoms;
  2. The emotions you feel;
  3. The state of your sleep;
  4. Your diet (digestion, sensitivities, etc.);
  5. Any other changes in your behavior