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Order an Online Session

Order an Online Session

Payment for sessions is made online through Paypal. If you wish to pay by credit card; you can also do so via Paypal. Note that you do not need to have a Paypal account.

Schüssler Cell Salts Session- 20 min – 50$ – Remote & Recorded in mp3

Schüssler Salts sessions are done remotely and recorded live in mp3 format. You will receive this recording to find out which Schüssler Cell Salts are recommended by your Facial Analysis. Indeed, deficiencies in Schüssler’s Tissue Salts (mineral salts)  are visible on the face. I can identify them after analyzing  the pictures that you will provide of your face.

This audio will allow you to find out the link between your facial analysis and the causes of the symptoms you are experiencing. Even if you are in good health you need to take Schüssler’s Cell Salts as a preventive measure; to preserve your health capital.

In your recording, I will point out the Schüssler Cell Salts that match your facial analysis; and the dilution and the dose you should take. You will also receive the list of the recommended remedies as well as their dilution and their dosage by email; to be able to order them in pharmacy.

You must complete the Schüssler Cell Salts Session Order Form; by clicking on the link below. The goal is to give me general information about your state of health and your habits and behaviors as well as any symptoms you may have. I will also need 3 photos of your face, one from each profile and taken up close. Photos should have a good resolution and brightness.

Fill the Schüssler Cell Salts Session Order Form

Homeopathy Session – 30 min – 65$- Video Call

The Homeopathy sessions that I offer are online on Google Meet or Skype. What I need from you is:

  1. A full-face photo (taken on a face without makeup);
  2. A description of your symptoms.

You must complete the Homeopathy Session Order Form by clicking on the link below.

The purpose is to give me general information about your state of health and your habits and behaviors as well as your symptoms. Homeopathy takes into account a set of data that go beyond what allopathic medicine generally considers. The more detailed the description of your symptoms; the greater the chances of identifying the suitable homeopathic complex.

I prefer to have as much information as possible about your health in addition to the questions I will ask you during our interview. The causes that are at the origin of your problems are complex and homeopathy can help in their resolution. But this will obviously take longer than allopathic medicine treatments*.

*Note that I’m not a Doctor but a Homeopathic and Cell Salt Consultant. My advices can not replace medical treatements.

Fill the Homeopathy Session Order Form 

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